I had a whole different blog prepared for today, but I decided to change it up.  I have been feeling pretty horrible b/c of allergies so everything else felt like doom and gloom.  But today I woke up feeling SOOOOOO much better and my outlook is much more positive.  So, I have decided to name my top 10 favorite things while watching what I eat.

1. Yoplait Whips Key Lime Pie Yogurt… seriously, I hate yogurt but this is like manna from heaven.
2.  Tuna  🙂
3.  Boiled Eggs… or any kind of eggs really.
4.  Walnuts
5.  Fruit Smoothies
6.  Vanilla flavored whey protein
7.  Oatmeal w/ honey
8.  Dry cheerios
9.  Ground flax seed
10. Cheese

Tomorrow is “Weigh-In Wednesday”… the one day a week I will take it all off and strip down to my bikini to expose how poorly or how awesomely I succeeded in the week prior’s weight-loss journey.  Hold on to your butts…

Yoplait Whips Key Lime Goodness...