I am happily sitting at a hotel computer this morning in St. Augustine, looking forward to playing with my baby niece and visiting the beach!!  My sister Rachel graduates with her doctorate today in physical therapy, so big shout-out to her!  Tomorrow morning I fly out to New Orleans for the BIG day on Sunday. 

Once I arrive, I will pick-up my registration packet & check-in my bike to the transition area.  I might even float a little in Lake Pontchartrain to tame my nerves.  We’ll see about that though.  🙂

Tomorrow I promise to post how you can track me real-time during the race.  That way you guys will know IF I survived!!!   If I haven’t surfaced from the water by 9 a.m. Central Time, then bring out the body bag…

Who's afraid of the big bad alligator?

My dad was having a lot of fun teasing me about alligators & sharks last night, but I don’t think he realizes how paranoid I am.  For some reason I hadn’t thought about alligators being a possibility, so that really didn’t help matters much.  And sharks?  That might completely blow my mind.