Let me tell you guys a truth – losing weight is much harder for me than completing any half-ironman.  This is true b/c I have bounced back up to my starting weight of 192.

How?  Because I have been eating.  A lot.  Justifying it to “carb-loading” while eating pasta at almost every meal.  Some of you might think this is dishonorable & will stop following me on my journey.  Others will probably relate to the huge struggle that is weight-loss & maintenance.  Where is the balance?

This is not easy for me to admit.  People keep telling me how brave I am for posting bikini pictures of myself each week… when to me the true bravery is writing this morning’s post with complete honesty.  As most of you know, I am a graphic designer, and the thought definitely came in my head to “photoshop” my number just to escape your disappointment.  But what good would this have done me?  I choose honesty today.

Here is another truth:  I WILL lose this weight, and I WILL learn to keep it off.  My goal is still August, and it is still doable. 

Yesterday I got a link to my event photos from the race on Sunday… this also turns my stomach to share, but I am going to do it.  I look like a rolly polly.  Click here to view.   Another reason I share these is because you can see some of the swim-start photos at the bottom to get a good visual of the caliber of athlete there. 

Stick with me guys… I promise to reach my goal.

Weigh-In Wednesday #3

Weigh-In Wednesday #3