Am I crazy?  Probably so.

Here are my plans: 
Now – May:  strictly focus on weight-loss goals
June-September:  continue weight-loss & start training for Augusta 70.3 (half-ironman) on Sept. 26
August:  weigh in at 145-150
October:  strictly focus on weight-loss maintenance
November-February:  train for marathon & continue weight-loss maintenance
February 2011:  run first marathon at Mercedes here in Birmingham
April 2011:  race in New Orleans 70.3 (half-ironman) again
April-November 2011:  train for Ironman Florida (140.6)… my first FULL Ironman!

The following year in 2012, I will start focusing on time goals & possibly qualifying as an age grouper.

Also- I am going to start naming Fridays “Food & Exercise Diary Fridays” and report what I have eaten all week & my exercise regimen.  I think this is better than posting every single day.

On another note- my rosacea acne is clearing up quite a bit!  I have been taking the antibiotic Solodyn for almost a month now, and it appears to be working.  It does come with some negative side-effects, like photosensitivity & mild headaches, but I plan to stop taking it after 12 weeks of use.  That will hopefully get me where I need to be!

One day this week I would like to share more about another personal goal: making a feature-length independent film.  A lot of you were around in 2006 when I wrote & directed the short film “Piece of Cake”, starring Mo Rocca (which you can watch in my videos section on Facebook).  I am thinking of including this feature film project as part of  “The Jen West Quest” because it is my ultimate dream… I think about it every day, and it is a big piece of my heart.

Click here to watch “Dreams” by Brandi Carlile!  One of my favorite songs.

Sweet Dreams Original Painting by Melanie Phelps