I have to say when I first heard that the diet was called “The Carb Lovers Diet“, I was a tad disappointed.  Don’t get me wrong… I love my carbs, but it just immediately sounded like it might be an unrealistic and unhealthy way to eat for the rest of my life.  Basically, it sounded temporary.

But, I am happy to say that it is the complete opposite… it is a well-rounded diet with foods that I really love to eat.  The trick is that we will be eating “resistant starch”… which are basically healthy carbs that don’t digest as quickly, therefore they don’t make your blood sugar spike and make you feel like crap.  Some foods that are considered “resistant starches” are:  potatoes (big plus!), bananas, corn, beans, oatmeal, whole grain pasta… etc.

Right now, you are thinking, “Man, I could eat like that everyday!”  It’s true, I could too.  However, on top of eating the resistant starches (RS), the next two keys are eating a certain amount of calories a day and eating the RS with a lean protein, vegetable & metabolism booster at every meal.  The “metabolism boosters” aren’t caffeine, but usually a good fat like olive oil or some sort of dairy.

So, without revealing too much, this plan sounds pretty amazing to me.  I will share with you guys what I am eating for each meal (without going into too much detail since this is basically promoting an awesome new book coming out later in the year with all of the recipes).  Health Magazine is also launching a new website at the end of the month with a lot of the recipe content as well.  In the meantime, you can find their Facebook page here!

My only concern at this point is the amount of calories I will be consuming coupled with my exercise goals.  I really wanted to do the Augusta Half Ironman in September, but it may be best to put that off until next year.  My health & body weight need to come first.  I will still be able to exercise, just not in crazy amounts.  The Carb Lovers Diet starts off in the first week with only 1,100 calories per day… and I will explain why that is when I start the diet officially next Tuesday (the day of my “before” photo in the awesome unitard.  Ha!)  Then, the daily calorie intake goes up to 1,600 which is much more realistic for me.  The plan is 12 weeks, but it is something that I can follow for life… which is the BEST part.  🙂

Next Tuesday, when I officially start the diet, I will also start tweeting and using video entries.  I will keep you guys posted on my plans!

Oh pasta, how I love thee.