Peeps- listen up.  Dieting is not easy.  And yes, I am saying this barely into day 2 of The Carb Lovers Diet.

Yesterday morning (on day 1) I woke up with an excitement to kick-off my new eating program.   Even though I knew my day was going to be very busy at work, and I didn’t have much sleep due to traveling, I was still optimistic.  I made my banana berry smoothie, which was YUM, and took off to start my day.

I got into work several hours earlier than normal in anticipation of my work load, and the fact that I would need to take an hour or so out of my day to travel to Southern Progress to get my “before” photo for Health Magazine.  When that time came, I arrived and changed into my unitard, then hit up the make-up and hair station.  It was fun to be in a real photo-shoot, and not behind the camera like I usually am!  I almost felt like I was a candidate for America’s Next Top Model (+40 pounds).  All of the people were really nice and made me feel really comfortable in my nakedness.  🙂

After the shoot was finished, I headed back to work to focus on all of my projects.  Lunchtime came, and I ate the high-fiber minestrone soup that is on our diet…. it was also YUM & very filling.  My problem came around mid-afternoon after my snack, I was STILL hungry.  Little sleep + heavy workload + hunger= grumpy & stressed Jennifer.  And I couldn’t hide it from anyone.

I left work around 6:30 to head home and immediately ate my Amy’s black bean & vegetable enchilada.  That made me feel sooooooooooooooo much better.  In hindsight, I don’t think I ate often enough (our dietician says to eat every 4 hours).  But, today just happened to be a random day where I put in a lot of hours at the office and didn’t plan accordingly.  It is also true that this week is deliberately low in calories so as to “kick-start” our 12-week diet plan.  So, it is comforting to know that there are only 6 days left of eating this little.  The BIG plus is that the food is really great… and if I ate at the right times, then also very filling.

Not only is this week going to be challenging due to the amount of calories we are eating, but also we have 2 major golf tournaments for work where I will be “out of the office” and on location… even through the weekend.  I am going to need to be extra careful in planning my meals & eating times so I don’t crash & burn.

Today’s lesson:  eat more and more often!  But not too much more.  😉   I also know today is weigh-in Wednesday, so I promise to do another post later this afternoon with my photos & weight.