Man, I felt really good yesterday up until 8 p.m. or so… then I started to feel like total crap.  I think it is b/c this week has already been so busy, plus starting a new way of eating on top of it all.  I was hoping to get a good night’s rest, but I mostly tossed & turned.  What gives??? I miss my rested & happy self!!

This morning is much better, already have my banana berry smoothie in-hand as I write this blog.  For lunch I am planning on having the big chopped salad that is on our menu plus the trail mix (cornflakes, dried cranberries & walnuts) as an afternoon snack.  I may bring the minestrone soup for dinner to eat at the office since I won’t be home until after 8 tonight. 

Check out this SUPER CUTE blog that a friend of mine is doing who is also on The Carb Lovers Diet:  Makes me want to upgrade my blog template & start doing my own photography!!!  I sound like a broken record.  😉  Oh time, where are you?