Sorry for the late post today, I’ve been out at the Regions Charity Classic for work then immediately took a nap when I got home!  😀

I am very proud of myself for planning all of my meals ahead of time this week, then actually sticking to the program (and liking it!).  This probably wasn’t the best week in my life to start a new way of eating, but there will always be an excuse, right?

I met with our dietician, Sonthe Burge, yesterday and she is helping me incorporate a few more calories throughout the day.  I was starting to suffer from headaches and exhaustion.  My weight has been dropping really well too, so I don’t think eating a tad more is going to hurt anything.

If you are on Twitter- be sure to follow me!  I am posting regularly on meals & how I am feeling.

This will be a short post today- so hope you all have a great weekend!!!  See you tomorrow.  🙂