Today is my official “1 week” from starting The Carb Lovers Diet…. and, drumroll… I have lost a whopping 5.2 pounds!!  And, there are others in my group who have lost even more than that.  Congrats to us all!  I am counting my weight loss from 189, even though I weighed in at Health Magazine at 192… I think my scale at home weighs me in as less by several pounds.

For breakfast today, I had the banana cocoa shake plus ground flax-seed.   For lunch I plan to have Amy’s black bean enchiladas, and for my snack greek yogurt w/ rolled oats & honey.  For dinner I am going to break into the new menu and have the sirloin salad with blue cheese dressing & sweet potato fries.  😀  It’s so nice to have a PLAN!  And I sure am looking forward to some beef, baby.  I also plan to go on a run after work, gonna try and do 4 today.  Time to kick it back up!

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