I would like to thank the children & the academy…  b/c I have lost 10 POUNDS since starting The Jen West Quest & almost 6 pounds in little over a week on The Carb Lovers Diet!!!!  Go J-Wii, Go J-Wii!

Now, just 30-35 pounds to go!  😀 

Last night I have my first meal off of the new menu – the sirloin salad w/ blue cheese dressing and french fries (I used a yellow potato instead of sweet potato).  It was all great and wonderful until I accidentally made 4 servings of the dressing and dumped it on to my salad.  I was halfway through eating it before I realized.  :/  Oh well… it was extra good! 😀

This morning I had the cocoa banana shake w/ ground flax-seed, for lunch I will have Amy’s black bean and vegetable enchiladas, then probably trail mix as a snack.  Not sure about dinner… will keep you posted! 

Yesterday evening was quite funny.  Sometimes I can’t make myself run and have to mentally talk myself into it over a span of time.  When I got home from work, I immediately changed clothes and headed out the door only to turn back around 10 feet out b/c I just wasn’t “feeling it”.  Instead, I came inside and made dinner.  About 7:15ish, I got the running itch again… and this time I had my husband there to kick my butt out the door.  I did a hilly 2-mile route and felt much better when I returned.  Tonight, I am thinking spin class at the Mt. Brook Y!

Without further adieu, here are my weigh-in Wednesday pics!  I couldn’t find my normal bathing suit, so please forgive!!  Mike was also half awake when he took these this morning, so a little out-of-focus.  LOVE YOU Mikalicious!!

Weigh-In Wednesday #7!!

Weigh-In Wednesday #7!!