Man, I love a cocoa banana shake.  It’s like drinking desert for breakfast… but with healthy ingredients.

Thanks to those who let me have a venting moment last night in my blog post “Let’s be candid.”  I think I got overwhelmed in my fast weight-loss success with this new way of eating (no longer saying the word “diet” anymore, as it feels temporary).  I started to panic about how I was going to keep it off when our 12-week program ended.  Honestly, that’s just silly talk b/c I have everything I need to continue on once it stops.  Sure, I might consider seeing some sort of professional to help me mentally prepare for my maintenance program… but I am officially taking the “one thing at a time” method from here on out.  Right now- it is all about the weight loss and reaching my goal of 145-150 pounds.

THANKS to those of you who offered such wonderful advice last night both online and offline.  If I had to pick one word from everyone’s comments that stands out the most, it would be MODERATION.  And maybe BALANCE.  I am officially changing my name from “Jen” to “Zen”.  😉

For lunch today I am going to have Amy’s black bean enchiladas.  For a snack, peanut butter crackers.  Dinner is looking like the sirloin bleu cheese salad w/ potato fries.  I am also planning on going to spin class with a coworker at 5:30 today.  Woot!!!  I know a lot of my meals are the same foods, but I plan on mixing it up soon.  Honestly, the food in my life needs to be simple and good.  I don’t mind repetition so long as I can look forward to eating it.  That’s definitely more important!!

I am planning a “Jen West Quest Dance Channel” on YouTube for those special moments when I feel extra excited about my weight-loss success.  Now, doesn’t that sound like a train wreck you DON’T want to miss?  😀

Orange you glad you didn't say banana?