Let’s be candid here, after all, you guys see the butt dimples in my weekly bikini posts.

Sure, this diet is going to work.  Sure, this is a great way to eat for the rest of my life.  Sure, I am going to look amazing when this is all said and done.

But a close friend said something very bluntly this evening, and it was true.  When I stop doing this diet, I am going to gain a lot of it back. Do you know why?  Because at least once everyday I think about Kraft macaroni and cheese.  Or having a bag of sour cream and onion chips. This is a  psychological problem.  Period. 

Food makes me feel better.  And not just eating in general, but overeating.   When I stuff myself with cereal or something that tastes really good, I get an automatic high.  I feel satisfied.  Stress is relieved. 

Since I am doing so well on this diet,  and I would love to continue doing it for the rest of my life, I am considering seeing some sort of doctor.  Either that or tattoo “No food tastes as good as skinny feels” on my body somewhere (like my upper lip in reverse).  I don’t know, but I can’t be trusted to my own devices.  Or maybe I am selling myself short.  Seriously- when someone like Oprah who has millions of dollars and can’t keep the weight off, you know it’s hard.  Does anyone else share my fear?