This morning I woke up to an amazing Twitter message – I might be able to have help from a personal trainer to boost my new eating plan with The Carb Lovers Diet.  Someone just kill me now, b/c that is too good to be true.  Fingers crossed… will find out more details over the weekend.  Of course, I will need to talk to Sonthe, The Carb Lovers dietician, to make sure I am not overdoing it and that I am eating properly.  All I have to say is, Niven, why didn’t I think of that?!!?!

Now I am so completely distracted that I can’t even think of writing about anything else.  Exercise excites me so much.  It has the power to truly change your body and change how you feel.  I am so grateful to feel a natural motivation to move my body when ever possible.

OK, gonna try and NOT think about this today while I get lots of work done.  Definitely have a “to-do” list at work that I need to knock-out.  Then, it is all about my grandmother’s wedding this weekend!!! 

This morning I once again had the cocoa banana shake (which I adore).   For lunch I am going to have a tomato, mozzarella & basil melt on rye toast (YUM).  Snack: peanut butter on rye cracker.  For dinner, probably the sirloin w/ bleu cheese dressing on arugula.  I think I am going to start sticking with a regular menu each week, and then change it up every 7 days.  I find comfort in not having to plan something new every single day. 

Hope everyone has a great Friday… so pumped for the weekend!!