It was kind of an out of body experience prepping & serving all of this food that I actually never even ate.  On the party menu:  crackers & fancy cheese, cream spreads, humus (which I could of had if I actually like it), grilled bbq chicken, potato salad, cheese stuffed pasta, baked beans, brownies, ice cream & chocolate sauce. 

And, I actually partook in a few of these items b/c they are on my diet.  I had one small piece of chicken, 4 baby cheese pasta ravioli, and some fruit.  For desert I had one of my skinny cow ice cream cones.  😀

Man, that was HARD.  I really wanted some champagne, and technically I could of had a glass, but alcohol is an eating trigger for me.  Which is extremely unfortunate.  I am only allowing myself to have alcohol when I am in a controlled environment for the forseeable future.  That way I don’t hit-up the Micky-D’s. 

Today I am going to a farmer’s market here in Birmingham, my first visit of the season.  Looking forward to getting a lot of fresh local items for my menu this week!!  And not to forget- today is also the day my beloved grandmother marries her Noble!  CONGRATS guys!!!

My grandmother is getting married today!