I just wanted to write that lyric b/c it is stuck in my head.  🙂

This has been a pretty lazy morning… Mike is still out-of-town and I slept in a little.  Had a lot of nightmares last night so I still feel kind of tired.  Gonna try to clean before I hit the gym this morning (since it is raining outside).

Mornings, mid-day & afternoons are still pretty good for me.  Nighttime is always a challenge.  While I have been on good behavior, I still find myself having late-night cravings.  Sometimes I do eat a snack, other times I don’t.  I really don’t think it is the fact that my body needs the food… I think it is just that my anxiety levels are higher at night because I’m tired.  And that’s always a hard battle to fight.

Tonight I have been invited by a friend to see Sex and the City, then hit the town for some drinks.  I am definitely going to watch the movie, but still considering if I should have a few beers… only because it is hard enough at night for me to control my eating.  I may end up having 1, then calling it a night.  Tomorrow I plan to play by a poolside (with my SPF 80) as long as the weather holds off!!  😀

Hope everyone has a safe & happy Memorial Day weekend!

Sex and the City 2