I was soooo excited about going “out” last night after Sex and the City 2 to have a few MGD 64s with friends!  After the movie, we headed over to the Rare Martini in Lakeview and I eagerly ordered one.  The first sip tasted very similar to one of my all-time favorite light beers, Michelob Ultra (which has 95 cals).  I was so pleased to have found a new low-calorie beer!! 

Then, I discovered something very disturbing.  It has less alcohol than any other beer on the market.  2.8% to be exact.  That’s just bull#$*%.  At least a Michelob Ultra has 4.1%.  I refuse to waste my calories on anything lower than that!  I might as well have been drinking water.  I can see how a MGD 64 might be awesome for someone on medication that enhances the effects of alcohol, but that wasn’t the case for me.

So I say go for the Mich Ultra and make your run a little longer the next day. MGD 64 just isn’t worth the calories.

On another note, I have invented a new Carb Lovers Diet recipe that quenches my cravings for Kraft macaroni and cheese!! 😀  It’s a mix of pre-existing recipes that we were given at the start of this diet.  I use about 300 calories worth of Barilla whole-grain shell pasta and combine it with 1% milk, pesto, parm cheese & arugula… along with some salt, pepper & garlic powder.  And depending on if I run that day, I also add a small amount of lean sirloin (not for the protein, but for the extra cals).  It truly is heaven on a plate. 

According to MyPlate on LiveStrong.com, I am consuming an average of 66% carbs, 19% protein, and 15% fat per day. If I remember correctly, this should fit in pretty perfectly with The Carb Lovers Diet guidelines.  I am really grateful that someone pointed me in the direction of MyPlate, because it configures my daily caloric intake based on my gender, weight & height to lose 2 pounds per week… and even factors in work-outs.   Pretty rad!!  And, it is very easy to use.

See you on the flip side!

MGD 64