The array of emotions I feel during any given day are pretty broad.  I know I have written in the past that mornings are the best time for me – I feel empowered, motivated, energetic & proud of my accomplishments.  Mid-day is hit or miss, as well as the afternoons in general.  I can go from wanting to eat a McDonald’s super sized quarter pounder with cheese meal to completely fine in a matter of an hour… sometimes even 10 minutes.  The evenings are the hardest, it is a constant battle to talk myself out of munching on something.  It is purely from boredom & anxiety accrued during the day.  That is why exercise is SO IMPORTANT for me.  It relieves huge amounts of stress and gives me a natural high.

When I leave work in the evenings, the LAST thing I want to do is go for a run.  But I have figured out a little loop-hole.  If I wait a few hours, usually around 7ish, I have a surge in energy again.  I also love eating something that I really enjoy for dinner, which encourages me to get out and burn a few extra calories.  My general goal at night is to stop eating by 8 o’clock.  Having those Skinny Cow Ice Cream Cones in the freezer has turned out to be a little bit of a curse, because I don’t always allow for those extra calories while planning my yummy dinner… and I am always very aware that they are sitting in my kitchen!  🙂

Just as a reminder to myself, I would really like to talk about life goals & decisions tomorrow.  I have had two really great conversations about this in the past 24 hours, and they have really made my think.  Also, tonight at our Carb Lovers Diet meeting I know Sonthe, our dietician, is also going to touch base on this topic.  Coincidence?