I am not feeling it this morning!!!  It might be because I had about 20 things to do right off the bat.  It’s OK though, I will adjust my attitude soon enough!  🙂

This afternoon I am going on a bike ride with my friend Ellen… my first venture out since the half-ironman in mid-April.  Should be fun!  Just need to pump my tires up and should be ready to rock.

I would like to do a special “call-out” session today for my friends who messed around with me last night.  To Philip Griffith & James Little – thanks for eating all of those yummy chips in front of me. You know I have a special weakness for their crunchy goodness, so when you least expect it I am going to get you back!!!  While you are sleeping… and when you least expect it!  🙂

Despite that, I am very happy to report that I made it through several BBQs & a baby shower this weekend unscathed.  I made smart choices that were appropriate for The Carb Lovers Diet, and kept a pretty close watch on my calories consumed.  I also got in a few great runs on Friday afternoon & Sunday around lunchtime.  LOVE.

I am on track to have lost another 2 pounds this week, which I am very excited about!!!!   😀 😀 😀  Official report on Weigh-In Wednesday!  🙂