Yesterday after leaving work, I scurried home to grab my bike for a riding date with my friend Ellen.   It had been a busy, long day after a fun-filled weekend.  So needless to say I wasn’t 100% into the idea of fighting traffic then doing a hard-core workout.  As expected, I hit 5 o’clock traffic and it took me about 45 minutes to travel 15 miles.  ARGH!!!  But, something pleasant happened once I got to my destination.

I got my bike gear together and starting looking for my friend.  And there she was… with a big smile & radiant as ever.  My mood instantly changed!  We hoped on our bikes and we went on our merry little way.  We proceeded on what was the perfect medicine for my day – a relaxing ride in the cool evening air.  We laughed and talked the whole time.  It was just perfect.  So thanks Ellen for turning my day around!!!

Then this morning I was greeted by a coworker who loves to give things to her “pals”.  She gave me with these BEAUTIFUL earrings that she “doesn’t wear anymore”.  She is another great joy in my life.  I am so lucky to be surrounded by such compassionate & strong women.  Andrea, thank you.  🙂

OK- enough for now!  There is a little surprise in store for tomorrow… but can’t share what that is just yet.  Also tonight we are going to the grocery store with Sonthe, our Carb Lovers dietician!!!  SO EXCITED about that too!!  😀 😀