This will be a short entry- but I just wanted to say how PUMPED I am about my weight-loss while being on The Carb Lovers Diet.  I can’t thank Health Magazine enough for picking me to be on this journey… my body is truly changing before my eyes.  Don’t get me wrong, it certainly hasn’t been easy, but it I have gotten solid results quickly!

This weekend I am heading out-of-town to visit my sister in Columbus, GA.  Planning on hitting up a spin class this evening at the Y, and then again in the morning before we head out.  😀  Trying to mix up my cardio so I don’t plateau!

I really, really need to go to the grocery store and plan to do so before we leave tomorrow afternoon.  Need to stock up on almost everything!  There is one particular thing I am very excited to try – ranch mix in greek yogurt.  Sonthe, our Carb Lovers dietician, really recommended this as a dip for vegetables or corn chips.  All I have to say is – YUM!!!!!!  Will let you guys know how it tastes!