During the past 10 weeks (and almost 5 weeks on The Carb Lovers Diet), I have been trying to figure out the weight-loss “secret formula” for my own body.  Here are some conclusions that I have come up with.

-Eating less (about 1,300 – 1,500 a day) is definitely working. I can’t really say that exercise has boosted my weight-loss at all… but it is a fact that it makes me feel good about myself and renews my energy levels.

-Not eating after 7:30 or 8.  This is a big one, and I really believe it helps a great deal with the bottom line.

-Blocking everyone around me OUT.  Others will always have their own opinions about weight-loss, but all that matters is what works for me. 

-I know I have said it a million times… but MyPlate on livestrong.com has been a life-saver.  It is such a comfort to know what you are eating!!

-Having a dietician to help motivate & steer me in the right direction has also been priceless.  She (Sonthe Burge) even plays a mighty good therapist.  😀 

-Last but not least, The Carb Lovers Diet was a huge turning point for me.    I have found a healthy alternative for every single food that I love.  Pasta, chips, dip, ranch dressing… you name it, greek yogurt is probably in it.  😉  Most importantly, it has taught me a lot about portion control, something that I wasn’t practicing AT ALL previously.

Once I reach my goal, my biggest challenge will be maintenance (as I have also said in the past).  My Quest will never end… it truly is about the journey and accomplishments along the way!

Before I go, check out my cousin’s new weight-loss blog: http://generaleverydaysortofblog.blogspot.com/  GO ANDREA!!  😀