So, I finally got to apply all of my new grocery store knowledge today!  And I am very excited about my purchases:

Grocery Store Purchases 😀

Proud purchase #1:  Ranch dressing powder.  Sonthe explained that this is heavenly along with some greek yogurt as a dipping sauce.  Sold.

Proud purchase #2:  Smart Ground soy.  Going to try it in a taco salad tonight!  Have heard many good things.

Proud purchase #3:  Simply Potatoes.  These are never-frozen potatoes that you can find in the refrigerated section.  100% fresh with no additives.  Score.

Proud purchase #4:  Goat cheese, b/c it is low in fat & sodium, and most importantly b/c it is DELICIOUS.

Proud purchase #5:  Smart Pop 100 calorie packs in butter.  Need I say more?

Proud purchase #6:  Minced garlic… b/c I HATE chopping it!  Makes your hands smell terrible for hours.

Proud purchase #7:  Edy’s 25 calorie fruit bars, b/c it is damn hot outside.  They are made with slenda and taste super good.

Proud purchase #8:  Sonthe recommended buying Bacos… b/c you get a big flavor punch for very little cals. Good for salads & baked potatoes!

Proud purchase #9:  HEALTH magazine!  B/c after all, they are helping me shed these pounds!!!  😀  And I adore Jamie Pressley.

Proud purchase #10:  Palenta (not pictured).  Can’t wait to try this out in some of our Carb Lovers recipes. 

These are just a few of the items I picked up today, but by far my most anticipated.  Will keep you posted!