Last night, I had a serious snack attack.  Not sure if I was bored, anxious, or both… but it was bad.  I overcame the urge by chewing on some sugar-free gum.  Like a maniac.  Now my jaw is sore.  🙂

Something dawned on me before going to bed last night – I didn’t have any resistant starches with my dinner!  Resistant starches are what The Carb Lovers Diet users eat to help curve hunger.  They stay in your system longer, thus make you feel full longer.  Maybe this is why I wanted to eat EVERYTHING in sight.  But I didn’t, I am very happy to report.  Gum saved the day!!  😀

Tonight we have a Carb Lovers Diet meeting at Health Magazine.  I forget if we are in week 8 or 9 in our 12 week diet cycle, but so far we have met 4-5 times.  Sonthe Burge, our Carb Lovers dietician, usually re-energizes us and offers a bunch or new tips & tricks.  I will be sure to share some of these tomorrow in my Weigh-In Wednesday post!

Gum to the rescue!