I have been promising for several days now to post about the new information we learned during our Carb Lovers Diet meeting!  Well, here are the goods.

We went over a lot of what I’ve already posted about from our grocery store trip a few weeks ago.  But for a quick recap, here were a few highlights:  frozen treats are the masters of deception (always read the label!); goat cheese, feta & mozzarella are naturally low in fat; the harder the cheese, the higher the fat content; choose lean cuts of meat like bottom round steak, top round, loin, tenderloin, should, ground sirloin, etc.; look for low sodium canned soups; be sure to buy LOW FAT greek yogurt; and last but not least – eggs are incredible with 13 essential nutrients!  Thanks for sharing these awesome grocery store tips with us Sonthe!

Here are some new “Speed-It Up Strategies”  from The Carb Lovers Diet book that I found useful:

1.  GET MOVING  Research consistently shows that people who exercise 20 to 35 minutes a day are more likely to maintain their weight loss.  I can’t wait to put this into effect! 🙂

2.  THE FOOD DIARY  University of  Pittsburgh researchers found that dieters who consistently jotted down what they ate and when they ate it lost weight more quickly than dieters who did not.  So true!!  Ever since I started using My Plate on livestrong.com, I have been losing a consistent 2 pounds every week.

3.  POSITIVE THOUGHTS  What you say to yourself can be quite powerful.  Instead of saying “I should” or “I have to”, say “I want to” or “I have decided to”. 

4.  SMARTER COOKING  Few tips from this section:  Eat cold carbs, cook al dente, use red pepper instead of salt, eat at home as often as possible.

5.  GET MORE SLEEP  Done.  🙂

A few other powerful tips from the book are: Stay consistent.  Be forgiving.  Embrace the new you.  Plan your meals.  Allow something else to become the center of your life. (I LOVE this last one.) 

I am so happy that I found The Carb Lovers Diet… it is a healthy & realistic way for me to lose weight and maintain.  It really is just smart eating!