New running mix song: Enrique Iglesias – “I Like It”

This holiday weekend, my brain is OFF and relaxation is ON.  I feel very motivated to eat well & get in lots of quality exercise too.  Progress will be made!

Yesterday afternoon, I partook in some adult beverages after work with some friends.  No guilt either!  I made sure to account for it in my overall daily calorie intake, so no damage was done.  It was a much-needed mental escape!

My day’s plans are to run about 4 miles here in a few minutes, eat lunch, hit the pool with some friends, then hang out with my sister Rachel who is in town from Chicago.  Woohoo! 

I realized that I never gave you guys a puppy (& mom) update: we ended up taking them to the local Humane Society here in Birmingham.  It was a sad thing to do, but I felt very comforted by one of the workers there who felt like they all had a good shot at adoption (as long at their health checked out).  I am glad that they have the opportunity to have better lives.

Before I go, I wanted to share with you a “before” and “now” image that a friend of mine put on my Facebook page.  It is always hard to remember or fathom how big a difference just 20 pounds can make! 

Before & Now!