Running mix song of the day: Elastica, “Connection” –

This morning I went on a glorious bike ride with my friend Vero through Norwood & Southside.  The weather was fall-like and breezy.  What a wonderful way to start the day!

Lots of fun plans for the day – first off, it is my sister Rachel’s birthday & all of my immediate family will be celebrating at my mom & dad’s house.  There will be an abundance of food, as usual, but I think there will be enough healthy options for me to be able to choose wisely.

Later today we will be heading to a friend’s house in 5 Points South for drinks & fireworks!  I am making room for an alcohol calorie allowance so I can enjoy the night along with everyone else.  😀  😀  Prosecco, here I come!

Happy 4th!