At our last Carb Lovers Diet meeting at Health Magazine, we were given a quick questionnaire to fill out.  Medium Bashful Piggy, a fellow dieter, had the great idea of posting her answers online… so today I do the same!

How do you feel about your present weight loss?
Thrilled to ecstatic little bitty pieces.

Do you want to lose more weight after the 12 week Carb Lover commitment? If yes, how much more?
My hunch is that I will still have about 10 pounds to go once the 12 week phase is over with, so my answer is yes.

Do you feel you have what you need in terms of support to lose more weight or to maintain your weight loss?

What type of additional support/information would be beneficial towards reaching your weight loss and healthy eating goals?
Reading other weight-loss blogs has been huge inspiration so I plan to continue doing that.  Also, having short-term and long-term goals are really helpful for me.

Overall, would you say you are eating more “real food” or “processed food”?
Definitely REAL food.

Are you using the weekly food calendar and keeping a food journal?
I am using’s MyPlate feature to count calories… it has been invaluable.

List some of your favorite Carb Lovers recipes.
My all-time favorite discovery on the Carb Lovers Diet has been greek yogurt.  It has really changed my life!!!  It is good on potatoes (instead of sour cream) and makes an amazing dip for chips when combined with other ingredients.

List some of your favorite processed and/or fast food entrees.
Cereal, cereal, cereal!!!!  😀

Would you be interested in continuing to share your food and diet related joys and frustrations with the  Carb Lovers Google Group after the 12-week commitment?
The Google Group makes it fun to check-in on others, but for some reason I haven’t utilized it much myself.

Are you obsessed with Lance Armstrong competing in the Tour de France?
Ok, this question wasn’t really on the questionnaire.  🙂  But the answer is YES.  😀 😀   I could watch that Michelob Ultra commercial to infinity & beyond! 

Hot Potato Lance Armstrong