Or all the above?

Someone said I was an exhibitionist (in good humor) at work yesterday.  Then, I posted the comment on my Facebook page… and most people agreed.  🙂

While it is true that I post photos of myself in a bikini on a weekly basis for all the world to see, and while I do love attention… I am probably the farthest thing from an exhibitionist.

To say that I have body issues would be the understatement of the year.  When I post my bikini photos, I’m not thinking, “Damn, I am HOT.”  It is more like… “Damn, I’ve got some work to do.”  And while I know I’m very fortunate  with my physique in many ways, the self-image department needs some serious attention.  I am spending a lot of time trying to change the view of my SELF.

I think posting the bikini photos helps me realize that I am not an ugly beast.  It gives me courage and accountability.  It has helped me to become less insecure.  My confidence is on the upswing!!  And that feels amazing.