I have a weekend vice.  And that vice is beer.  I love beer.

Yesterday at what is becoming our weekly pool party @ Rebecca’s, lots of “low cal” beer is being consumed.  I prep for this by going on an extra long run that morning & leaving a nice calorie budget for the afternoon’s festivities… and then of course behaving extra good the next three days leading up to Weigh-In Wednesday.

But it never fails, I ALWAYS feel so freakin’ guilty about it the next day.  It’s like I am cheating on someone I love… that person being myself.  Should I be practicing more moderation on my “fun” days?  Or should I give myself a break?

One more small detail – alcohol makes me want to eat in a serious way.  So far I have been able to avoid doing anything of damage, but it is only a matter of time.  I think the answer is for me to just enjoy a few drinks – not 7… and to limit the amount of time I do it (maybe an hour instead of 5 hours). 

This drinking behavior reminds me a lot of my past eating behaviors.  When you are having fun, why stop?  Well, that’s just bad logic.  Even though I deserve to have “fun”, I think it would be wise to start modifying everything in my life that leans towards the indulgent.  Alcohol included!

Thanks Stephen (from whoatemyblog.com) for joining us yesterday and for snapping this funny photo below.  You da bestest!  😀

Georie the Corgie says, "Something is suspicious..."