Today’s post will be short – after all, it is Monday!!!  Bleh.

I have been battling fatigue for the past 24 hours… not sure why.  However, I have noticed a big weekend of exercise takes it’s toll on my energy levels.  I was also in the sun for the better part of two days, which I am sure contributed to the exhaustion.  To my husband Mike- I am sorry for being a cranky pants.  I will make it up to you!  😀  I LOVE LOVE LOVE you.

Ode to the Mikesicle (aka Mikealicious)
How much do I love thee?
Let me count the ways…
1 – You are tall.
2 – You are one sexy chunk of a man.
3 – You are always there, no matter what.
4 – You love me even if I wear the same clothes every night.
5 – You are my favoritist, and I love you the mostest. 🙂
The end.

Even the Hungry Monster is scared...