I know I have talked about my sports goals before, but once again I feel inspired to discuss my future plans.  It just helps make it more permanent in my mind if I write them down!

February 14, 2011Mercedes Marathon

April 17, 2011New Orlean’s Oschsner Half Ironman
Click here to read The Jen West Quest post from my first Half Ironman earlier this year!

Novemer, 2011The Ford Ironman Florida

Maybe, just maybe… qualify for the 2012 Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii.  🙂  Or at least try to win a slot in their lottery.  Pretty sure I am going to need a trainer for that one.  And become a much, much, much better swimmer…

Mercedes Marathon

New Orleans Half Ironman

Ford Florida Ironman

World Ironman Championship Kona, Hawaii