I know most of you could give a flip about the Tour de France (LANCE!!), but it means so much to me and today is the last day until next July.  I love endurance sports where you push your body to the point where it is more mental than physical.  That is real strength – to push through intense pain driven by pure will.   The reward is always bigger than you could have ever imagined.

I guess that is why I don’t swap from triathlon (swim, bike, run) to duathlon (run, bike, run).  While I am terrified of the swim, that is actually one of the main reasons I am drawn to it, b/c I don’t do it well… and I desperately want to exceed at it.  Is that sick?  Probably.  🙂

Thanks to Stephen from whoatemyblog.com for sending me this HILARIOUS link in response to my “Fear of Water” post from yesterday:    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KG1CjFoX-8E

And thanks to the handful of people who offered to swim with me… I am going to take you up on it.  😀

Today I plan to go on a longer run, somewhere between 4 & 5 miles.  I bruised the bottom of one of my feet yesterday while kayaking, but I think it will be OK.  Looking forward to listening to some great music & releasing some of the anxiety from yesterday!

Running song highlight for the day:  “Glass of Water” – Coldplay
(Chris Martin is also in my “Top 5″… obsessed.)