Feeling MUCH better today – but have a packed day ahead of me.  Time to buckle down & get ‘er done!

The biggest news… I HAVE LOST 30 POUNDS as of today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Crazzzzy.  Can you believe it???  I can, and can’t all at the same time.  I have definitely worked for it – that much I know.

On Monday a friend at work, Tammy, brought me not 1… not 2… not 3… but 4 PACKS of sugar-free Trident Layers gum, MY FAVORITE!  She knew I loved it and brought it as a surprise.  One day when I donate my body to science, they are going to be able to study the long-term effects of sugar-free gum on my cadaver… specifically Trident Layers.  🙂  YUM.  My favorite is the wild strawberry & tangy citrus.

Last night, Mike (my husband) & I had to respond to an urgent situation that I won’t talk about here.  It required our full attention and stress was high.  I wanted to specifically talk about this event in terms of food, b/c my only option for dinner last night was fast food… the first time I have been forced to eat it since starting The Carb Lovers Diet.  Fortunately I had a say in the fast food location, so I choose Wendy’s and ordered the broccoli & cheese baked potato. It was high in fiber & resistant starches (RS), and only had about 375 calories.  At the time I had no idea what the damage would be, and in hindsight I could have also eaten a small salad to go along with it.  I can’t thank this diet enough for teaching me about smart eating options… with amazing recipes AND quick & easy options, too.

This afternoon I get my hair makeover!  😀  Soooooo excited.  I made some funny makeovers of myself online yesterday, click here to check them out.

One more quick note before we get to the Weigh-In Wednesday photos – Sonthe Burge, our local CarbLovers Diet group dietician, is now on Twitter!  Follow her here.

Weigh-In Wednesday #17

Weigh-In Wednesday #17