Man, I have GOT to get better at taking photos.  Maybe if I actually had a smartphone, things would be different!  It is still something that I want to get in the near future.

So with that being said, I didn’t take many pics over the weekend… BUT I can give you a play-by-play!

Saturday morning I woke up with an inspiring text from my friend Stephen ( that said, “Consider breaking your daily long workouts up in to two shorter sessions over the weekend, it might help increase your weight loss a tad by boosting your metabolism.”  He had gotten this awesome tip from Danny Haralson (, a running legend here in the ‘ham.  So, I took his advice.

Normally on the weekends I try to do two 4 miles runs, one on Saturday and one on Sunday.  So instead, this weekend I did 2.5 Saturday morning, 2.5 Saturday night, then 2.5 this morning (Sunday).  I am glad to report that I did see a slight increase in my weight loss compared to weekends in the past, though I don’t think I am going to be able to do my Sunday evening run.  Too tired!!!  It’s OK… I have done more than enough in preparation for tomorrow’s 12-week weigh-in & “after” photo.

I have a bit of AWESOME news to share – yesterday I bought a pair of SIZE 10 JEANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   10 10 10!!! And they fit perfectly, didn’t even have to force them on my butt & thighs.  I also bought a size medium shirt…. which I was not expecting.  It is all so amazing!

This weekend I also got my eyebrows waxed & whitened my teeth.  I think I am officially ready for my “after” photo!  😀  😀  And I promise to bring a camera tomorrow morning to document my experience.

PS – To leave on an extra awesome note, you guys should check out my foodie friend Amanda Storey’s blog.  She is an advocate for curing childhood obesity and is about to start her own weight-loss journey!  GO AMANDA!!!