“You got served” – definition.

I am a sick, sick person.  🙂  This morning I went on a punishing run with my friend Vero… and I LOVED every minute of it.  It was so humbling to have to ask her to slow her pace & cut the distance from what she usually does.  I can be faster or slower depending on if I’m training for something, but these days I haven’t pushed myself past a comfortable 10-11 minute per mile pace.  She was definitely going at a strong 9 (until I had to ask her to slow down a hair about halfway through), and she probably could have gone even faster.  The last time I ran a 9 minute mile was for the Mercedes Half Marathon in 2008.  I’ve been much slower ever since (mostly b/c my weight went back up).

I promised that next Sunday I would not ask her to slow down, and would do the additional mile that we had to cut out this morning due to my exhaustion.  I love being inspired to push myself!!  Thanks, Vero.