For the next few days, I am lucky enough to spend some time on the beautiful Gulf Coast (no oil so far).  This is my first official vacation since I started my weight-loss journey 19 weeks ago.

For the 2 full days I will be here, I plan to do a long run each morning then lounge by the seaside for the rest of the day (with my SPF 85, of course).  As for my eating plan, I brought plenty of CarbLovers Diet friendly foods and I plan to choose wisely at any restaurants we may visit. 

The thing I am most shocked about is the ease I feel about food now… I don’t worry about my ability to know what is good for me, and I don’t have random cravings anymore.  Back when I started being healthier, for the first month or so all I could think about was sour cream & onion chips, Kraft mac ‘n cheese, & ranch dressing.  Now, I rarely think about those foods… and if I do, then I have a healthy version of them in moderation.   

Hooray for health!!!  Now, time to get my beach on.  🙂