As I was running last night, I realized that I don’t really know what my end “goal” weight is.  When I started, I said 145.  Then, I said 150.  Later on I promised our awesome group dietician, Sonthe Burge, that I would reevaluate and possibly consider 155 once I reached it.  Tomorrow for Weigh-In Wednesday #20, I should be in the 156 range (OMG).  It is time to make some decisions.

If I was 155 for the rest of my life, I would be more than happy… ecstatic even.  However, 150 is still the number dominating my brain.  I have seen my body at that weight, and I love it.  At that point I will have lost 42 pounds.  42 POUNDS!!!

I am starting to really come into my own with food & portion sizes.  I feel satisfied with a diet high in fiber & resistant starches.  I don’t crave foods that are bad for my body anymore, and I get to eat all the things that I love (like pasta & potatoes… etc.)  I feel like I have been given a solid opportunity to change my life, and I did it with gusto.  🙂