Hello, my name is Jennifer West and I have a sugarless gum problem.  Specifically Trident Layers Wild Strawberry/Tangy Citrus.  It has been 5 minutes since my last piece(s) of gum.

This may sound like fun & games, but I can literally go through a 14 piece pack in an afternoon… hell, a couple of hours.  What it is about this gum that makes me want to cram 2 pieces into my mouth at a time & spit it back out 5 minutes later only to replace it with 2 more pieces? I even have a variety of dreams where I am endlessly pulling gum out of my teeth or can’t even talk b/c of a massive ball of gum in my mouth.  These can be better described as nightmares.

Some of you know this, but I was clinically diagnosed with OCD when I was about 22.  It had gotten to a pretty bad point, though nobody knew it but me at the time.  Ever since I have been on a low dosage of Prozac to keep it at bay and it has done a great job at that.  However, I will struggle with anxiety for the rest of my life… and it always shows up in the most random ways.

Like chewing gum a whole pack of gum in rapid fire.  🙂  At least it’s kinda funny, though it does cause a lot of unwanted gas.

I found someone else with a chewing gum addiction online:  read his funny blog post here.