Last night I went to dinner with some friends, including Sonthe Burge.  She said something very simple & powerful that stuck with me for the rest of the night:  to lose 100 pounds, you have to lose 5 first.  Isn’t that a wonderful perspective for anything in life?  Breaking up big goals into smaller ones makes almost anything doable.  But approaching it the opposite way can make it overwhelming and unlikely to happen.  Can you lose 100 pounds?  Maybe.  Can you lose 5?  Yes.

Back to the aforementioned dinner, we ate at a local foodie hot-spot called Jensei… and it was fabulous!  I had an Amstel Light, seaweed salad (split with my husband), and a spicy tuna roll that I can’t remember the name of.  I even asked if I could substitute the white rice for brown, but unfortunately that wasn’t available.  After tabulating everything in MyPlate, my total caloric intake for dinner was around 450-500.  Not bad for an amazing, healthy meal!