I have been thinking a lot about what I’ll write on a daily basis once my weight-loss is over in the next month or so.  Creating The Jen West Quest has been very beneficial for me on many levels… it makes me feel like people are listening, that people understand, and that I’m not alone.  No (wo)man is an island.  There are so many topics that I would love to throw out there, but may cross some boundaries with work & such.  Still, the bucket of ideas is very full.

One thing is for sure – I am going to try to become the best athlete I can over the next few years.  My ultimate goal is to qualify for the Hawaii Ironman World Championships in either 2012 or 2013.  I am on the look-out for a trainer that can help me do this when the time comes.  The thought of accomplishing this next big goal makes me feel all tingly inside!!  This has been a dream for a long, long time… and now I have the body that can do it.

Today’s agenda:  breakfast (check), 5 mile run w/ Vero (check), lunch (check), nap, some “me” time @ Sloss to think, then work & dinner.  Hope you have a great Sunday!  I am going to leave you with a few fun photos from the BAAM Festival yesterday.  😀

ETC - Comedy Improv Troupe here in Birmingham (Mike is on the far left)

Mike and I after his improv performance!

You know it! 🙂 (Not really...)

Fun at the BAAM Festival!