Last night our friends David & Vero had us over for a fabulous, healthy dinner!  Vero spent a lot of time thinking & planning this meal, and each bite was heavenly.

For appetizers, she made two things:  One was a tomato cucumber stack with a greek yogurt, mustard sauce (with spices & herbs).  The other was a whole grain wrap (cut like sushi pieces) that had black beans, 2% greek yogurt, zucchini and a dab of a spicy sauce on top.  Light & perfect in every way.

For dinner she prepared spinach couscous (purchased from Nabeel’s, a local greek grocer in town) with a homemade humus topping.  The humus had no oil or fat added, just lots of lemon juice & spices topped with cooked red peppers.  She added little pieces of locally grown baby squash & zucchini to the couscous which gave it a nice soft crunch.  Also on the plate was a light, refreshing cucumber salad and tomatoes topped with the greek yogurt & mustard topping.

The best part was dessert!  She cut a pear into quarters and smothered the slices with a warm, dark belgium chocolate/greek yogurt sauce topping.  We also had a nice hot cup of decaf coffee to wash it down with.

Thanks for the wonderful evening guys!

One of our appetizers...

Vero & I

Mike & David

Our fabulous, healthy dinner!

Mike having a little too much fun...

Flowers we gave our hosts in one of their awesome vases.

Decaf coffee & dessert! Mmmmmm

Mike & David enjoyed some whiskey. Thanks for sharing David & Vero!

David's Famous Napkin Rose