I am going to dedicate today’s post to Amy’s Kitchen, introduced to me by The CarbLovers Diet.  Perfect in every way, Amy’s line of soups, pizzas & frozen entrees come in a variety of diet-friendly options.  All of her products are vegetarian, some are gluten-free, a lot of her more popular meals come in a low-sodium option, and she also has several ethnic dishes to choose from.  My favorites are the Low-Sodium Vegetable Lasagna, Country Cheddar Bowl, Pesto Tortillini, and Black Bean Vegetable Enchiladas.  YUM.

Another reason why I love Amy’s is b/c some of her meals actually have MORE than 300 calories.  In fact, some of my favorites have closer to 400.  This isn’t “diet” food, this is “healthy lifestyle” food… stuff you can eat every day and feel satisfied.  These meals put you in the right caloric range to either maintain or lose weight.

If I ever meet “Amy”, I am going to give her a big fat kiss.  :-*

Light in Sodium Lasagna - Around 290 Calories

Light in Sodium Country Cheddar Bowl - Around 420 Calories

Amy's Kitchen Pesto Tortellini - 410 Calories

Amy's Kitchen