It’s Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Woooooooohoo!!!!!!  Sooo excited about the weekend.

I went on my first run yesterday since Sunday, after being sick most of the week.  Once you get out of any routine it is sometimes hard to dive back in.  The first 5 or 10 minutes wasn’t very fun at all, but I got into my groove about 20 minutes in.  Nothing beats the high you have after completing a satisfying run. 

As I get closer and closer to 150, the more I want to change back to my original goal of 145 (see my second blog post).   I feel like 145 would give me some “padding” and flexibility.  Also, I still have a good deal of fat on my body.  While I am extremely happy with where I am… I know I can do better.   I don’t think I am to the point of losing any muscle mass.

For those of you who are interested – I have officially changed my first Ironman of choice from Florida to Louisville, Kentucky for two reasons.  One – it is next August, only 4 months after my Half Ironman in New Orleans… so not a long waiting period.  Two – (and the biggest reason by FAR) the swim is in a river WITH the current.  This beats ocean waves any day in my book.  At least for my first Ironman.  Plus, Louisville is only 6 hours away and one of my best friends in the world lives there.  On the downside, it will probably be damn hot.

Our foodie group dinner was postponed from last night until next week… but today I am having a fun lunch with Stephen Vinson (who recently had a 21 pound loss!).  Sushi, here we come!!  😀