I usually keep a subscription to Runner’s World & Triathlete magazines, but over the course of the past 6 months I let both of them expire.  Today I went and purchased both & plan to renew my subscription over the next few days. 

I found a great intermediate 16-week marathon training program on Runner’s World this afternoon… so that has my first “training day” starting on October 23rd (which also happens to be our first wedding anniversary).  A secondary goal for my first marathon will be to finish in under 4 hours (about 9 minute + miles).  Another thing I will have to figure out pretty soon is how to incorporate my half-ironman training while also training for the marathon.  THEN, it’s on to Ironman training. So here is my 2011 calendar at-a-glance:  February 13:  1st Marathon (Birmingham), April 17:  Half Ironman (New Orleans), August 28:  1st Ironman (Louisville).

I noticed something about these two magazines that I’ve never seen before (or at least at the same time)… the October issues both feature women on the cover!  We’ve come a long way, baby.  🙂

Runner's World & Triathlete Magazines