We cruise in:  27 days!  😀  😀  I love a vacation.

September always makes my heart sing.  The promise of cooler weather, festivals, upcoming holidays & football season.  Not that I give a rats butt about football… but I do like the positive mood it puts everyone around me in.  This year I have even more to look forward to – like wearing winter clothes on my new body.  It’s like playing dress-up with the figure I’ve always wanted!!

Pretty soon I am going to set-up my photo shoot with Birmingham Bombshells.  My husband Mike won me a gift certificate earlier this year and I can’t wait to put it to use!!!  I’m thinking that I might do some sort of old-school sports theme.  Meow.

As of tomorrow, I will have lost over 40 pounds on The Jen West Quest.  I am also fairly certain that my new goal weight is going to be 145, so once I reach that point I will have lost 47 pounds total on The CarbLovers Diet.  I feel so healthy, happy & grateful!!