In more than a few posts over the past month or two, I’ve said that I believed exercise wasn’t a big component of my weight-loss.  I still think this was true when I had more than 15+ pounds to lose.  But now that I am struggling for every pound and inching closer and closer to 145, exercise DOES matter.  In the past few weeks I have bumped up my intensity a pretty good bit… especially on runs with my friend Vero.  My overall speed & efficiency on hills has greatly improved in a short amount of time.  Tomorrow, I expect more than a 2 pound weight-loss and a lot of that can be attributed to my increased activity levels. 

What’s even more interesting about all of this is the fact that I have the energy to exercise.  Since I have my MyPlate settings on a 2 pound a week loss, depending on the day I eat anywhere between 1190 – 1400 calories.  Should I really have the energy to go for a 5+ mile run more than twice a week?  Yes.  And I think that is because I am eating smart… well-balanced nutritional food with at least a 60% intake of carbs each day.  Not unhealthy carbs, but whole grains & veggies like potatoes.  No white bread for this girl.  I think this has made a huge impact in my ability to exercise without feeling drained.

A few days ago my husband brought home a publication call “Menu of Menus” made by the Birmingham Weekly.  It is basically a magazine full of menus from almost every restaurant in the Birmingham area.  This way when we start eating out more often, I can plan my meals ahead.  Isn’t that sweet??  🙂 

Menu of Menus