This weekend, defying all logic in my brain, I applied & was accepted to be a speaker at WordCamp in Birmingham, Alabama.  My topic:  The Jen West Quest, blogging to accomplish your goals & dreams.  I use the phrase “defying all logic in my brain” because I am usually terrified at public speaking… but I’ve always wanted to be good at it.  My husband Mike, an improv comedian, says that my fear makes no sense since I always present myself as a confident person (and also, a ham).  😀   I plan to film my talk on Saturday & post for you guys to watch and critique.  Wish me luck!!

There are lots of fun happenings this weekend – a big festival in Forest Park on Friday night (“3rd Friday in Forest Park“), Word Camp during the day on Saturday, then a dress-up bike event on Saturday evening.  I’m going to have lots of fun photos to share.  🙂

For those interested, I have been reviewing Sidewalk films for Wade Kwon.  You can view them on his site here.  Two reviews are already up, and two more will be posted over the next 5-6 days.

I have a big announcement to make pretty soon, but not sure when I am going to be able to share.  Hopefully in the next week I can post about it!