What a day!!!!  I can’t wait to fill you guys in on everything that is happening behind-the-scenes in my world.  All top-secret until I get the “go-ahead”.  I will reveal something very exciting though… this morning I weighed myself on the fly and I am officially in the 140’s!!!!  Now, that’s something to smile about.  😀

This is going to be a busy, busy weekend.  Tonight I am going to finish prepping for my Jen West Quest presentation tomorrow at WordCamp.  I feel strangely calm & confident about it… so we will see!  It helps that I know my topic well.

I also plan to get A LOT of sleep tonight… feeling pretty drained today.  Some friends and I had a few Prosecco toasts last night to celebrate everything good in life.  I made sure to get in an extra good long run before having a few glasses of the bubbly.  🙂