I slept for a much-needed 10-11 hours last night.  I was SO exhausted.  Today, I feel refreshed & re-energized!

According to my measurements, I am thisclose to wearing a size 8 in most jean brands.  Wearing a size 8 has been one of my big dreams starting out on The Jen West Quest.  By the time I reach 145 (which is only about 3-4 pounds way at this point), I should be sittin’ pretty.   I may need a moment in the dressing room to wipe away the tears as my first pair of 8’s slide on.  What a big moment that will be!

Monday and Tuesday I will be taking a last-minute trip to New York City for one night, by myself.  It seems whenever I go to NYC, it is always for a very short amount of time.  But, I’m not complaining… small trips are better than no trips!!  Can’t wait to see what The Big Apple has in store for my mini-visit.  Hopefully there are many more in the near future.

Today is going to be a great day… first WordCamp, then the Kitty Cat Alleycat bike ride (which I have a very special outfit planned for, thanks to Vero!).  Stay tuned for some very interesting photos.  😉

Kitty Cat AlleyCat

WordCamp Birmingham