(I apologize for the typo in the original title.)  🙂

Yesterday I conquered a big fear: speaking in front of a large group of people.  And I think I did pretty good – maybe 80% of my capabilities.  Some of the negative feedback was that I got a little stiff and my natural personality didn’t come all the way through.  But the positive feedback far outweighed the bad… people thought my content was interesting and I had tons of questions at the end of my presentation.  Doing a solo talk for me is much more difficult than answering direct questions in an interview.  But, I think I can improve over time and eventually be 100%.  I’m going to take my feedback and run with it!

I had the most amazing time Last night at the Kitty Cat Alleycat Bike Race!!  Our challenge was to visit 5 secret locations in downtown Birmingham and accomplish the challenges at each stop.  One stop even had green jello shots & vanilla ice cream.  I threw such a fit over having to eat the ice cream that I ended up spilling it all over my tutu.  🙂

Big agenda for today:  5 mile run, work, helping a friend move, packing for NYC, and writing my last film review for Wade Kwon.  I guess that means I should get off of the computer!!!  😀

Speaker @ WordCamp!